We combine learning & social connection into a community experience people love.

Humble Mind builds social learning programmes in an intimate, engaged community setting, ideal for skills development, uncovering customer insights or cultivating influence.

Unlock the insights &
learning you need most.

Humble Mind's approach to building focused, close-knit community experiences provide a new way to accelerate product development, generate new insights and opportunities in a unique social learning environment people love being part of.

Peer-to-peer learning for teams

Ditch expensive LMSs, training & courses that go nowhereShare and transfer knowledge & best practices between peers in a learn-by-doing, interactive virtual environment

Insights from focus groups or think-tanks

Forget about boring webinars and throwaway contentUnleash real insights from select customers or thought-leaders to shape future product or industry development

Startup accelerators & alumni ecosystems

Add the value of connection & personal development between like mindsSupport entrepreneurs alongside their founder's journey with practical learning & networking

The Humble Mind Way

See it in action for yourself.

Explore the Humble Mind Community: a thriving online learning community of like-minds.Supported by the Humble Mind Podcast, we are an online tribe of entrepreneurs, business owners & digital professionals endlessly curious about the future of humanity.

How we deliver community experiences that work.


Research &

  • We survey & research your people or participants: create an experience or development path so that they commit time to a topic, problem or conversation they truly care about

  • Choose whether you want to build your micro-community within the Humble Mind ecosystem, or develop your own with our community building process


Build &

  • We build & customise everything: community platform and onboarding materials to session invites, programme & onboarding journeys

  • Leverage great features on our platform like polls, feeds, 1-1 chat, member directories, course libraries, events & more


Host &

  • We facilitate the entire experience: community interaction, session facilitation, speaker management, workshops & 1-on-1 member check-ins

  • Foster new connections and conversations between community members, who are incentivised by to learn, contribute and interact


Share &

  • We create high quality content: capturing, and producing high quality video, articles and other content featuring members that promote inter-session interaction, sharing & influencing

  • Track real interaction, sentiment & other key metrics directly from member activity across the community


Assess, Feedback & Iterate

  • We collate and evaluate valuable new insights: whether it's for learning or market intelligence, our actionable insights help to infom for your strategy going forward

  • Expand the community & run various programmes with new members to iterate and the quality of your insights or learning

Why Humble Mind?

To be humble is to keep an open mind while having an open heart.In the company of curious and honest minds, we unlock the knowledge, influence and strategy we need to meet the future head-on.Founded by creative entrepreneur, and micro-community visionary Alex Searle, Humble Mind is leading the charge in a worldwide human skills improvement revolution to make a positive impact on the future of our planet and our behaviours on it.

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